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US import antique, vintage, classic cars

Friday, 28th August, 2015


Balint Demeter owner, managing director
Janos Takacs owner, managing director

We offer dreams, not cars...

BCC-CARS vintage vehicle trade
With our first car at the 6th Oldtimer Expo


About BCC-Cars

We have founded our company, Borsod County Classic Cars (BCC-CARS Kft.), in 2011. Our main goal was to help the vintage/classic cars become more popular in our small country, and be part of the yet small sociaty of vintage car enthusiasts.

BCC-CARS Ford Model-T 1924
The first beauty that blew our mind

You must have already been in a situation, when you saw a beautiful - as my friend, Balint would say, wonderful - antique, or classic car passing by, and you automatically turned your head, like it was a pretty woman; you may have even whistled, acknowleding its beauty.

It happened to us several times, so lead by a sudden idea - that popped out of our heads, when going on a go-cart ride - we decided to enter to this 'business'.

First of all, we are dealing with US imports of vintage cars, that in perfect condition, and provide all inclusive services - including the vintage registration (FIVA) - but we would like to extend our services in the future. Read more about our services here.

We hope, that you'll be satisfied with our services, and we can shortly welcome you as our new client!

Best regards,


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Company policy

The most important service we provide is importing 'museum quality' vehicles, including all aspects of the business, from bounty hunting the car, to acquiring the vintage certification. We provide full service, so you don't have to fight sellers, carriers, or customs officers. You just have to come and see the beauty, that you have chosen on our site. And obviously try it!

Our cars are in every case inspected by our American partner's engineers, who fill in a 150 point inspection form, take photos of all the hidden areas of the cars, and test drive them. Having this extensive report, backed up by tons of photos, we can make our decision fairly simply. Before registering our cars, we acquire the international vintage certification (FIVA), that, alone, guarantees the premium quality, and original state of our cars, together with the low yearly operating expenses. That way we don't buy, neither sell a pig in a poke!

Obviously, we do whatever we have to, in order to fulfill your specific requirements, even if those are not fully in line with our core business (e.g. cars for restauration, project cars, etc).

We offer dreams, not cars...


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