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Wednesday, 7th October, 2015
VII. Lotus Retro Mobil Concours d'Elegance - Heviz 2012
Thursday, 3rd May, 2012

VII. Lotus Retro Mobil Concours d'Elegance - 2012 Heviz We have also participated this fantastic, unpronounceable named festival, on the 21st-22nd April at Heviz. The luxury cars were beautiful, the vintage cars were even more beautiful, although there could have been some more of them there. Mostly, we would have liked seeing some more of the same age as ours. Anyway, we have felt very good.

The most beautiful car between 1920-1931The exhibition was held in the huge park of the Heviz Lotus Therme Hotel & Spa. That's where we have spent the previous night, as guests of the hotel. There were gala dinner, wellness, thermalbathing, baldachin, so we had our well-deserved Sunday breakfast with a good amount of satisfaction. The organizers have, in a demanding, and beautiful environment, created a real festive feeling, with beer and sausage, pedal Moskvitch and many other tunings, that are needed for a neat festive feeling. Many visitors came, and due to some kind of miracle, even the gathering clouds could not discourage them. The weather was, for a long time, not too bad, but at the end of the show Balint and I got soaked. We've quickly changed our shirts, and then came the awards gala, where we got this neat award for the most beautiful car between 1920-1931.

The professor is holding a lectureBalint could have not even been switched off, he was so spinned up. He continuously held presentations for the mess surrounding him (and I'm not overstating it, there were lots of people around him). The horn was bleating (followed by loud, and recognizing laugh from the mess), the engine started to ding, and the people were cooked until tender!


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